Our references

Some of our references:

  • Aerotechnika Kft. 
    Budapest, III. ker. Szőlőkert u. 13.
    complete furnishment of the office building

  • BC '99 Kft.
    Budapest XIII. ker. Váci út 99.
    buildig of reception desk

  • IRM Hungária  Kft.
    Budapest, XI. ker. Fehérvári út 79-81.
    furnishment of the office, reception desk

  • MIXTÚRA Patika/Pharmacy
    Gyöngyös, Szövetkezet út 8.
    construction and building of the complete furnishment
    of the pharmacy

  • MOL RT.
    Algyő 120 kV-os alállomás
    furnishing of the whole control center (cca. 150 m2)


          OTP Bank Rt.
          Budapest, VII. ker. Károly krt. 1.
          complete furnishment of a cash office, office furniture

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